Monthly Archives: December 2008

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Ah, the days after Christmas.  My favorite time of year.  Don’t get me wrong.  I really enjoy Christmas but I think anyone who is honest will admit to feeling a little relieved when it’s all over.  I am no exception.  But there are other things about the time between Christmas and New Year’s Eve that I love.

  • Playing with all the new stuff (mine and the kids; Mario Cart for Wii is waaaay too much fun for just kids!)
  • Time off from work (the ONLY perk to working in education)
  • I get an uncontrollable urge to purge!

Seriously, when the gift giving and receiving is over and the bounty comes into the house, I feel a strong urge to clear out what’s worn out, underused or forgotten (which means it’s one of the other two).  So today, aside from celebrating my DH’s birthday, I’m planning my vacation projects (don’t worry it’s nothing too taxing), and purging!  Stuff be gone!!!!!


Walking in a Winter Wonderland… Oh Please!

I have lived in Maine almost 45 years.  The one thing I should be used to by now is snow.  The one thing I have determined I will never be used to is snow.  Particularly when it comes down in feet!  

White Christmas

The picture doesn’t begin to come close in describing how much snow we got.  Let’s just say it’s a lot and there’s more coming.  All this after last weekend when we had to deal with an ice storm.



We were one of the lucky ones with this storm because we lost power for only 36 hours.  My husband has been in New Hampshire since yesterday working 17 hour days until Christmas Eve to try to connect power to homes in the Fitzwilliam area.  He reports that the area took a huge hit and in spite of working all that time, he and his partner are only able to successfully reconnect power to 6 or 7 houses a day.

 Meanwhile in the warmth and comfort of my home, I’m knitting and crocheting furiously because it seems that no matter how early I begin (October this year), I’m always down to the wire.  Time to make like an elf!  Hope your holiday season is everything wonderful and memorable!