In the Darkness, I Found the Light?

It’s snowing here today.  Our local weather guy has deemed it a Nor’easter.  In Maine, we expect them but know that they may bring the unexpected.  When the alarm went off at 5:15, I, like every other teacher in America who wakes to snow, turned on the news to see if I had school.  I got a little thrill when I realized I didn’t have school and just a squeak of a letdown when I saw my children didn’t either.  Make no mistake, I love my kids but I was momentarily excited about the prospect of a day all to myself.

Before I had a chance to come down form the Snow Day Excitement, the lights went out.  When we lose power here, we have no heat, no running water, and no means of cooking anything or boiling water.  My DH made a fire in the woodstove down in the basement just in case this outage ended up being as long as the 36 hour one we dealt with just a few weeks ago.  

My husband left for work and I tried to figure out what to do with myself until the power came back.  I got a flashlight and decided I would try to read.  As I often find myself doing at the beginning of the year, I have pulled out the book “Simple Abundance” that offers daily reflections on finding your “authentic self”.  Today, the reflection had to do with happiness and what makes a woman happy.  As I was reading this, I tried to name some personal things but found it very difficult to do.  I mean there are the big things:  family, friends etc., but at issue was the minutiae in someone’s life that brings them joy.  This made me think…Another List.  So I have added a page where I hope to list the little things that bring me joy.


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