I Thought I Raised You Better Than That!

Yesterday, I was in a meeting when I was called down to the front office to take a phone call from my son.  “Stinky boy” as he is affectionately called due to the odiferous emanations from his soccer gear post practice or game, was on the phone from the nurse’s office at the high school.  

“What’s up?”, I asked.

“I hurt my back.”


“I was in class and leaned backward over my chair to stretch my back.”

???? “How did you think bending backward would stretch your back? Are you okay?”

“Well it really hurts and I have pain in my chest.”

“What did the nurse say to do?”

“Call you.”

“Let me speak to her,” I said.

“She’s not here.”


OK.  So I get over the fact that my son thought bending over backward would stretch out his back and call his doctor.  I listen patiently to the message announcing that the office, all of them, are on lunch break from 1-2.  It is 1:15.  The chest pain thing had me a little nervous so following the prompt, I pressed “0” for the answering service.  I explain my son’s situation.  She then asks if it is an emergency.

 “I don’t know.”  

She takes the information down and pages the doctor.   The fact that he didn’t return my call until 2 left me reasonably assured that it wasn’t an emergency (just strained back and ribcage muscles) and we had a giggle when he asked why he was bending backward over a chair.  

I texted my son and told him to take the bus home, that he was not dying.  He said he couldn’t even feel the pain anymore.

As I was packing my things for the weekend, I get another text from him telling me he is sitting on the bus with his younger sister.  He then tells me that Diva swore at him for sitting with her and I really need to have a talk with her when I get home.  …Uhh, okay…  This is followed by another text explaining to me that he is older than she is and that she is not being respectful of him and that just isn’t right… Uhh, okay…

So I went home, had a chat with Diva and asked her what happened on the bus.  She ratted out her brother saying that he swore at her.  I called him over and listened to the back and forth of each side pleading how they had been wronged by the other AND how the other sibling used worse language than they did.  In my exasperated state, I evoked my mother and said, “I thought I raised you better than that!  You may not care that you were shouting at each other like sailors (sorry to the sailors) but how do you think that makes me look as your parent!”  Not the way I was thinking this would go!

 After yesterday afternoon’s excitement, I arranged to pamper myself and headed to my not-so-local-LYS.  It was wonderful to sit and knit with friends.  I’m working on the Star-Crossed Slouchy Beret in a sizzling hot pink to wear in NYC next weekend. 


Here’s a really, really close-up photo of it.  This pattern is a lot of fun and I think would be a very quick knit if I could focus enough to get through a 12 row repeat.  I think I have frogged part or all of it half a dozen times already.  But I would definitely make this one again and again.

The other knitting I have been doing has been the result of my stash roulette.  I put all my projects in a basket and drew this one:


I’m making the bib pattern from the Mason-Dixon Knitters book.  Super fast and easy but still a lot of fun.  I’ve got one done except for the finishing:


This is one of a set of three I am making for a friend who is expecting his first child.  I will finish it off by trimming it in single crochet because I think doing that makes it look more “finished”.  

So far this list thing is really helping me get things done.  I may have finally found “my system”.


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