Hiding From the Kids…Part 2

In my fantasy life, I am a writer.  I create places and people that transport my reader to a different time and place.  In reality, I am a pathetic excuse for a blogger and I apologize.  For anyone who has wandered here looking for pearls of wisdom and has been met with the same old post from 2009, I apologize.  To my credit though, I have spent this time and guilt engaged in considering how I can do this blogging thing better.

So here’s the plan:  This blog will be my refuge for all things parental, work and generally ME related.  Reading through some of my past posts, you may have noticed that I knit and had been using this blog to document my progress on certain projects (another reason why it has been so quiet around here…nothing to show!).  If you are a knitter and are curious what the heck that chick is doing with her yarn, go here.

If you want to hear about the crazy life of a high school guidance counselor who is raising three busy teens and one husband, while taking care of two cats (one who talks and one who thinks she’s a dog, one Pomeranian and a 115 pound black dog; stay tuned here!


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