It’s Always Something…

I’m channeling my inner Rosanna Rosannadanna today and considering that even when you think you’ve got it all squared away, something will happen to remind you that you are NOT in control.

Consider this past weekend: Hubby had to work a shut down on Saturday. I knew about this just like I know that a “shut down” means equipment in a particular manufacturing area shuts down, so that maintenance or replacement of equipment can occur safely. Shut downs are often held in the dead of night or on weekends to minimally disrupt the manufacturing schedule.

So Hubs gets up at 4:30am on Saturday to shower and get ready to go. I wake up at 4:30 because I have this thing about having his back and making sure he gets up when his alarm goes off. I go back to sleep and wake up again around 5:15 when he comes in to say good-bye. I go back to sleep and wake up again at 6:00 am when Princess is leaving to go to work. I go back to sleep and wake up when SB is in my doorway in full soccer gear at 8:00 announcing that he is leaving for his game. I jump up thinking I had really overslept because his game is at 10:00. After I stumble around the house trying to figure out what to do first, he confesses that he overestimated how long it would take him to get to the field and I have a half hour to get ready if I want to go. But then I remember that Diva is still sleeping. Historically she can be expected not to get up until 11:00am or noon. Not wanting her to be alone sleeping in the house, I choose to stay home and send SB off in the second family vehicle, the first being driven by P who is now at work until 3.

Fast forward to the evening. Hubs did not come home at 5pm as hoped. Nor did he come home at 7:30pm, his rescheduled estimate. Hub calls at 9:30pm to tell me he is on his way home and should get home in about an hour and a half. Once I knew that he was leaving the job, I fell asleep. An hour and a half later, Hubs woke me up to tell me he was home. He woke me up again to tell me he was coming to bed (at around 1:30am). I was still tired, dreaming but nothing too Nightmare on Elm Street so I was happy that I would probably go back to a deep sleep.

All of a sudden, Elsa,the cat lets out a long, ear-piercing scream and I hear her flailing by the French doors in our bedroom. I sat upright in bed and screamed myself, thinking there was something in the house that was attacking my cat. Then I hear her growl and I know that she is having a fit because the gray and white cat must be on the deck. I look at the clock…4:30am. Hubs has jumped out of bed and gone to the door thinking it had been accidentally left open and something was in the house. I look in his direction and see Elsa (my cat) jump up at the door, hear her hit it, scream and fall down.

Hearing all the commotion, Eve, our 115-pound mixed breed, gets in on the festivities and tries to push her way toward the French doors doing the whimpering barking thing she does when a cat is in her sight. The gray and white cat continues to fight with Elsa on the other side of the French door until Hubs finally convinces the cat to move along. Once the cat is gone, Eve and Elsa leave the bedroom. I am now wide awake to begin another fantastic day!

When I had my children, I expected sleepless nights and very long days. When they were in grade school I expected very long days of driving all three children in three different directions. Now that I have two drivers and all three children are working, I anticipate a relaxing, quiet summer. Well I did, before last night. No one mentioned that once the kids could take care of themselves, the animals would go all “high maintenance on me.

Anybody want a cat! (just kidding…for now)


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