The Kids are “Driving” Me Crazy!

When my children were younger, we were a one car family. As the kids got older and began to get driver’s licenses we got a second car. Now, I have two young adult drivers in the house and one car to share. For most of last year, car sharing was a non-issue because Princess was away at school.

This is finals week at my school and also at Stinky Boy’s school. At both of our schools, once exams are done (around 11:30) students are able to leave. SB had 2 exams today and needed to arrive on time but he could leave at 11:30. But, today is also Princess’s day off.

By the time she got home from work yesterday, she had her entire day off planned from beginning to end; starting with a gym workout this morning because she would not be able to work out for 24 hours after she donates blood this afternoon. To get to the gym, she expected she would have the car.

As I am packing my lunch to go to work, SB gets up and asks if he can take the car to school. I knew they talked about this last night and I’m annoyed that it’s an unresolved issue new in the eleventh hour! I check in with Princess to see if she could manage to work out at home for this morning. Princess says, “Fine! Let him have the car! It’s your fault when I get fat!”

So I went to SB and asked him if he could catch the bus (in 15 minutes) if Princess dropped off the car before he needed it to get home. He bolts to his room to get ready. From the other side of Princess’s closed door a perky little voice says, “SB, Diva, I can bring you to school, I’m up anyway.” Everyone is happy and the solution was so simple.

This territorial, schizophrenic episode made me late for work but I was in a great mood when I got there because I wasn’t home dealing with cars!


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