No Impact Project � No Impact Week Registration

About two years ago, my friend, Nancy, moved from her in town house to a much smaller lakeside cottage down the road a ways. When she did, she and her husband left their television behind. I have always lived in a house with at least one television. I thought she was having some sort of mid-life crisis. But then, she told me that between and Netflix instant streaming she was able to watch a movie or t.v. show on her time on her computer.

I decided to see if I could be happy with those options and signed up for a free Netflix trial. Surfing for instant streaming options, I came across the documentary, “No Impact Man”. I watched this movie twice already and love it.

So Colin Beavan, his wife and their adorable toddler daughter, pledge to have no impact on the environment for a year. Over the course of that time, the experience changes they enjoy (i.e. buying food from the local farmer’s market) and changes they are eager to put behind them, (no electricity). The experiment seemed to me to be a real learning experience about what we need as individuals to be comfortable while looking at the impact (or lack thereof) our “wants” have on the society we exist within.

The movie left such an impression on me that I went looking for more and found this:

No Impact Project � No Impact Week Registration.

Check it out and let me know if you are going to try. I think this could be a lot of fun.


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