My teen-age summer

I’ve been thinking about age this summer. Not mine, but that of my children. My three children all have birthdays between April and July. So now my children are 14, 17 and 19. All three children are working, ( two at the same location!) and the two elder children drive. At first glance, this sounds like a dream summer if as a mom you want to do nothing but some work to prepare for the next school year, some knitting and some reading while floating in the backyard pool but you would be mistaken.

The dilemma begins with the challenge of three drivers (myself included) and only two vehicles. My husband leaves every morning happily at the helm of the company van to escape this organizational nightmare. Once I have my sip of coffee I have to begin scheduling the drop-off/pick-up, who’s home for dinner, who’s sleeping at a friends, soccer game or practice, community college class, friends over for dinner etc. Now I don’t mind driving the kids around, it’s just that I thought things would be a little different this summer instead of more of the same.

In some ways, things have even been more challenging. With three teenagers, I have to balance the independence allowed my 14 year old and encourage the independence of my 19 year old while walking the independence tightrope with my 17 year old soon-to-be a senior. My 17 year old has a girlfriend and I’ve entered that surreal place where I’m welcoming another person into my home and my son’s heart at his discretion. Yikes!

Next year, I have two children to get off to college and anticipate a driver with her permit. I’m thinking it’s beginning to be a good time to get a job that DOESN’T give me a break during the summer just so I can get some rest!


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