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And all the spaces…

When my son was little, we often said our good-byes through an exchange of “I love you more.”  “No, I love YOU more.”  These days my son is a handsome, talented but most importantly kind man who stands between high school and college in a challenging way. My son lives at home and attends a university two towns over.  I am sure it is less and less uncommon but I see the special set of challenges presented to him.  We are still navigating the freedom of choice parameters and I probably check on his homework progress more than he would like.

A soccer player all his life, he chose to attend this school in large part because of all the schools he considered attending, he really wanted to play for this coach.  The fact that it is a great school and he received a wonderful financial aid package made any objections useless.  However, in order to do this, the compromise was he would have to live at home.  This saved $13,000.00 off a $40,000+ bill and with our oldest in her third year of school and my needing to change work situations, it was critical.

But this decision has presented an unexpected challenge.  A day prior to classes starting, on the way to a pre-season meeting at the coach’s house, his car died.  So not only is he living at home away from his friends, but now his mother or father is driving him to school everyday.  With our work schedules, that sometimes means, he will be dropped off on campus at 7 even though his first class is not until 11.   Some days his classes are over at 12 but he has to stay on campus until 4 because that is the only time available for pick-up.  He won’t stay on campus at night because he doesn’t want to ask us to go out late and pick him up.

When he and I used to banter our “I love you mores” back and forth, they eventually evolved into  “all the spaces in between”, short for “I love you all the bits and pieces and the moon and stars and all the spaces in between.”   My son’s grace under pressure is one of the things I admire most about him on the soccer field and off.  As he navigates this really tough life transition with the additional obstacles  put in his way, I hope he knows that while we don’t say it anymore (seriously, I have to leave him some swagger!) that it is for me, at least, about all the spaces in between.


Big Frowny Face Emoticon

NaBloWriMo’s theme this month is “between”.  Today I am feeling between a rock and a hard place.  I want to write a post every day for a month but in the past twenty-four hours I have lost no less that four posts to cyberspace.  I am having more tracking my posts than NASA did predicting where the satellite would land!

It seems simple enough.  Write a post hit preview to double check and then hit publish.  But that does not seem to be my lot in life.  If I continue to have this issue what are my options.  I could change my host.  I have used Blogger in the past.  However, I cannot move to blogger because someone has a private blog with the same name as mine.  I realized this as I was tried to move my blog mainly for the simplicity of using Google products all around.

So here goes…  A pathetic, explanatory post for today.  I am looking forward to sharing more important issues tomorrow.

Adventure Friday

This week I signed up for a mystery substitute teaching assignment.  Feeling desperate for the income and having really enjoyed another assignment in the same building, I logged onto the computerized substitute scheduling system and took a job that offered only a teacher name, no grade or subject.  By the end of the day, I dragged my sorry self home, having endured with as much enthusiasm as I could muster, the unending energy of a first grade classroom.   I lingered in the space between total exhaustion and the energy that comes from a job well done.

I cannot imagine how an adult musters the energy to keep up with fourteen six year olds and I have nothing but respect for those that do this job day in and day out.  I am not new to education, having worked as a high school guidance counselor for the past ten years and can attest that there were many days I can home whipped into a semi-coma.  I think the substantial difference is that at the high school level it is a mental exhaustion.  First grade is a mental AND physical exhaustion.

All that being said, I would do it again in a minute!!!!