Big Frowny Face Emoticon

NaBloWriMo’s theme this month is “between”.  Today I am feeling between a rock and a hard place.  I want to write a post every day for a month but in the past twenty-four hours I have lost no less that four posts to cyberspace.  I am having more tracking my posts than NASA did predicting where the satellite would land!

It seems simple enough.  Write a post hit preview to double check and then hit publish.  But that does not seem to be my lot in life.  If I continue to have this issue what are my options.  I could change my host.  I have used Blogger in the past.  However, I cannot move to blogger because someone has a private blog with the same name as mine.  I realized this as I was tried to move my blog mainly for the simplicity of using Google products all around.

So here goes…  A pathetic, explanatory post for today.  I am looking forward to sharing more important issues tomorrow.


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