Monthly Archives: November 2012

A Whole New World

When I started this blog, I was in the throes of “teenagerdom” in my home.  My three kids, Princess,  Stinky Boy and Diva ranged in age from high school to middle school and that combined with my full-time work as a high school guidance counselor had me on teenage overload, thus the name of the blog!

I can honestly say I had no idea how quickly those years would go by but this week I my youngest, Diva, reminded me that she was a junior in high school, not the sophomore I truly believed she was!  With their maturation comes my painful transition from “Mommy” to being “Mom”.  Diva got her driver’s license this year so I was “fired” from my last job in my “mommy” role.

It is a bittersweet thing to see your children grow up and become independent.  For twenty-one years, my days have revolved around the needs of my children and I have been very happy in that role.  These days, I am no longer “hiding from the kids” but I feel as though they are hiding from me!

Until yesterday…Stinky Boy is now a handsome young man.  A sophomore in college and a member of his school’s soccer team, he came home the other night and told me that his coach has requested Ben work toward a 20 lbs. muscle gain during off-season.  I have spent most of my life trying to drop 20 lbs. so I mentally groaned when he said it.  The day-to-day commitment to the goal can be pure drudgery.  My “mommy” brain kicked in and I came up with a brilliant idea that I hoped will help me connect with him in a significant non-nagging way.

I bet my son that I can lose 20 lbs. before he can gain 20 lbs.  I know how long it can take to gain muscle since I had a brief stint of serious weight training in the late 80’s, so I offered to make my total higher but he agreed to 20 all the way around.  The stakes are fun.  If he wins, I will get him a gift certificate to a restaurant of his choice.  If I win, he cleans his room.

This may not sound like even stakes for an even effort but it’s what we’ve negotiated.  Believe me to have his room clean and be 20 lbs. thinner is a win for me in every sense of the word!  And I DO intend to win!!!