Monthly Archives: February 2013

New Beginnings

If you have been following my smattering of blog postings, you know that I love my blog but don’t post.  And, if you have been following recently, you know that is because I am in the midst of multiple changes in my personal and professional life (such as it is) that make writing under the title of “Hiding From the Kids” seem irrelevant.

I have thought about changing the name…but I get a giggle remembering why I titled this blog in the first place.  As I sit here in a nest that gets emptier by the minute, it is fun to reminisce about a time when it was full of teenagers and when I spent my days working with teenagers.  Hiding from them all seemed to be the only solution.

I’m keeping the name, but the focus is changing.  Staying true to the blog’s initial purpose, I am using this blog to get away from what I do for others and focus on what I have to do for me.

Case in point, recently I was diagnosed with ADHD.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Within the last two months I was tested and diagnosed with ADHD.   Once I was diagnosed, I deliberated and decided that I would attempt to manage my “symptoms” with medication.

One of the side effects of my medication is loss of appetite.  Pre-medication, I might have been easily distracted but I NEVER forgot to eat.  However, now that I have minimal structure built into my days and no appetite, I find I can go all day and never really feel the need to eat.  Last night it occurred to me that I could blog my meals here.  

For those of you who hate food pics, I apologize.  But I am hoping that posting my meals here will encourage me to remember to eat three squares, get creative in the kitchen and bring my blog back to life.  I’ll be back later today with pics.  Hope you have a great day!