Monthly Archives: August 2014

Grown Kids, New Adventures

This past Saturday, my husband and I delivered our youngest child to college.  Having done this two times before, we were old pros with the drop off.  The toughest part of the day was coming home to an empty driveway and a painfully quiet house.  Even the shrill greeting from our Pomeranian seemed muted.

We are empty-nesters.

So…what’s a displaced helicopter mom to do…?

Well, what I did was spend Monday in a self-indulgent funk.  I did not get out of my pajamas, ate way to many carbs with reckless abandon and watched HOURS of “Real Housewives” followed by HOURS of “Judge This and That”.  My hope was that I would be so bored and embarrassed by giving in to  my emotional tantrum, that I would quickly snap out of it.

I’m not totally sniffle-free but I have begun to grab some projects, reconnect with friends and plan, plan, plan for adventures I finally have the freedom to consider.

One of my rejuvenated projects is this blog.  I love to write.  I love to learn. I love to find interesting things and share them with people.  So here I am.  The one troubling issue…the name of the blog.  What began as a true representation of the blog’s intent, a place of refuge from teenage drama both at work and at home is now, not relevant.  But the idea of this space being a refuge and/or a place to vent about parenting and being a mom has not changed.  I also like the name.  It makes me laugh.

I hope that folks will come and visit and maybe stay.  Perhaps we are in the same IMAG0860boat or maybe you are in preparation for your journey, or you may have already landed on your beautiful island and have some great advice to share.  I’m looking forward to all of it.  See you soon.